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Looking for a New Career?

Rollin' Coal Trucking

Rollin' Coal Trucking is looking to hire qualified drivers to run hopper bottom trailers hauling grain, aggregate, feed and fertilizer.  Drivers are home nearly every night, but may be asked to stay overnight in a truck 10-20 times per year, depending on available routes.  Rollin' Coal Trucking is a four-truck, family-owned operation based out of Randolph, NE.  Our trucks are usually parked in Norfolk, NE or other suitable locations at night. 


Flexible schedules are available, as well as overtime hours. 

Overtime hours are required during harvest season.


Applicant Information

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Informational Applicant Questions

What are you looking for in your next driving career?

What did you dislike most about your previous employer(s)?

What did you like most about your previous employer(s)?

What is your desired hourly wage?

Thank you for your interest in our company.  A representative will be in touch.

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